Fabric Care

Fabrics should be washed in the same manner before sewing as they will be washed once a garment is constructed.

To determine the best laundering method for your Cotton Knit Fabrics, take a 3 x 3 swatch and wash it prior to washing your yardage, then:

  • Measure the fabric after washing it, and compare against the 3 x 3 swatch to see the percent of shrinkage—make sure you allow for this in constructing your garment.
  • Check the colors on your swatch. If they seem faded at all, wash the fabric with vinegar to set the color (occasionally, very bright or dark colors will fade without being set).
  • Always wash in the gentlest manner possible, as this will help prolong the life of the garment.

For your Swimsuit Fabrics, use minimal detergent and wash on cold and then air dry or line dry. NO HEAT!