Fairycare Services

Did you know The Fabric Fairy can magically take away the stress of shopping for fabric online?  Let us match and source fabrics for you, send out swatches of fabrics you are wondering about, and personally help you design whatever you have in mind right from the comfort of your own computer!

Our FREE Fairycare services include:

Fabric Matching

Not sure about which fabrics will work together?

Let us match your fabrics for you! Simply call or email with the fabric you are looking to match, what you are trying to make and some thoughts on what you are looking for.   Keep in mind, we only carry cotton knits, activewear fabrics, swimsuit fabrics, organic knits, and boardshort fabrics.
For example, what color are you looking to match, or will any color in the fabric do? Do you need a solid, polka dot, or floral? Interlock or rib knit? Fiber content preference?

We will go through our inventory and send you a list of potential matches, along with thoughts and suggestions about their relative suitability.

Fabric Swatching

If you would like swatches, you can purchase them on the site for .75 each or you can email us your order.  We do our best to provide extremely detailed descriptions and photos of our fabrics.  However, we know that it can be hard difficult to tell exactly what a fabric feels like, or get an idea of its true color, without holding it in your own hand.

Please note that sometimes we are unable to send swatches for fabrics that have a low inventory of between 1-2 yards.

Fabric Sourcing

If we can't come up with a fabric that works for you from amongst our extensive selection, no problem! The Fabric Fairy will special order the perfect fabric for you, or direct you to another fabric store to purchase it if that will save you money. The Fabric Fairy has an extensive network of suppliers, and can source almost any fabric for you—we make fabric wishes come true every day!

To take advantage of our fabric sourcing service, simply contact us.

At The Fabric Fairy, we want to make sure that the fabrics you find are exactly what you need to fulfill your creative vision!

General Project Consulting

Come to us with your questions about using fabrics, designing outfits, or general support—we will happily answer your questions or help you find answers if the question is beyond our grasp (we all love learning something new around here!).